The Innovate|Sustain|Grow course covers a number of necessary areas you and your business will need to develop. The course is an accredited Level 3 course, and is assessed using a number of methods, including workbooks, discussions and activities. This is a practical course and the outcome along with the qualification we are looking for is a developed plan that you can implement straight away, which yields results for you and your business.

The following areas will be covered, along with others which will be adapted to the needs of the group.

  • Using communication techniques throughout your business to Innovate, Grow and Sustain, channels such as sales and marketing. We will be examining, communication in written, verbal and digital formats with the results of spreading a clearer business message and increasing your sales
  • Growing and developing along with maintaining your current businesses networks, coupled with assessing if your current networks reflect the defined future aspirations and needs of your business moving forwards
  • We will be looking at growth from a marketing perspective and from a market research point of view be developing, obtaining and analysing competitor and market information, to ensure growth is rapid but sustainable
  • By examining Tendering as a process and as a way all businesses can grow, you will be in a position to apply for and complete your first tender to ensure you are able to grow and innovate in a sustained manner
  • Finally, we will be setting some growth goals, so that when leaving after the two days, you will be able to practically implement the learning and innovate, sustain and grow your business straight away.

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