We strive to provide a great service to our customers, whether they be funders, partners, stakeholders or the end-users of the services we provide. On this page you can find some testimonial statements from some of them.


“As part of National Enterprise Network, all of the North East Enterprise Agency members have an extensive regional reach and knowledge, whilst being flexible and responsive to local needs. This has resulted in consistent growth in the number of pre-start clients they have been able to support, with the number of new businesses created increasing by over 15% year on year, and the number of jobs by more than 10% per annum.”

Dawn Whitley MBE, CEO, National Enterprise Network



“TEDCO are one of Virgin StartUp’s leading Partners, delivering Virgin-Class support to entrepreneurs in The North-East. We couldn’t do what we do without them, they have been trusted Partners since Virgin StartUpbegan back in 2013”

Andy Fishburn, Managing Director, Virgin Start-up



“The support that NBSL has given to our members has been second to none. Across the North East NBSL has provided the advice, guidance and funding many have needed to help them grow and establish their businesses. We highly recommend the support that NBSL to any pre-start, start-up or established small business.”

Simon Hanson, Development Manager, Federation of Small Businesses




“We moved into the BIC as a small publishing outfit and found ourselves in a community of like-minded businesses which had a similar sort of interest to us, effectively creating a network of suppliers, partners and customers. There was also excellent general support from the BIC itself which took away many of the headaches – from broadband connectivity to a mail service – you would normally have in starting a business. This allowed us to concentrate on our main business.”

Paul Callaghan CBE, Chairman, Leighton Group



“Our experience of working with North East Enterprise Agency is excellent. North East Enterprise Agency are proven and valued deliverers, demonstrating time and again how business development can make a real difference. “

Dinah Jackson, Programme Manager, North East Local Enterprise Partnership



“Enterprise agency staff have extensive business experience, knowledge and a clear understanding of their local, economic needs. The results show a consistent growth in the number of pre-start clients who have received advice and training, with the number of start-up businesses increasing by over 15%year on year and the creation of new jobs by more than 10% per annum.”

Alex Till, Chair, National Enterprise Network