SNE Care Ltd was set up in 2015 by Teesside University graduate, Mao Musonza.  Launched with the help of TEDCO Business Support, Mao’s goal was to deliver a new kind of personalised, at-home care assistance for elderly individuals in and around Teesside that focused on the unique needs and diversity of customers.

Already, the 70-strong team at SNE Care Ltd has won a series of key contracts in the community and earned a strong reputation for providing quality care services to elderly individuals before diversifying to also support children and mental health patients in need of external assistance.

After graduating from Teesside University, Managing Director Mao Musonza decided to remain in Middlesbrough to establish a career in the local area.  It was during his time working as manager of a local healthcare facility he decided the time was right to apply his skills and experienced to running his own business and set about developing his business plan for SNE Care Ltd.

Mao comments:

“I am incredibly proud of the success of SNE Care Ltd.  I have a dedicated team of loyal professionals who understand the personal approach of the business when it comes to offering at-home care services for customers looking for extra support and meaningful social interaction.

“Our team work one-to-one with elderly individuals providing them with a range of at-home support to ease the demands of day-to-day life.  This can be providing basic medical help or at-home care including food shopping, or social activities such as organising trips into the community or regular walks.  We take the lead from our customers to see the level and type of support that works for them by being flexible and adaptable.”

SNE Care Ltd currently employs 70 members of staff but is on track to have a team of 100 care professionals by year end of 2020.  The firm regularly carries out recruitment events at their office premises in Middlesbrough and look to hire individuals with experience and training but also great personality and a positive mindset and attitude that fits the company ethos for continuous learning and development.

Mao says:

“We hire people from different backgrounds and then invest in their professional development to reach the high standards we require of our team.  We try to create a family culture where everyone feels part of our detailed training programme.  Our support system is very customer orientated which is just some of the areas in which I feel SNE Care very much adds value to the wider sector. 

“I initially approached TEDCO Business Support for help in getting my idea off the ground.  Through the assistance of my dedicated business advisor, Mark Johnston, I successfully received a £7,500 low-cost business loan from Virgin StartUp to assist with the initial start-up capital required.

“Building a strong reputation in the care industry is as much about developing relationships with individuals as it is about employing staff with the right mindset and person-centred approach.  We now have three offices within the same building to house our back office, senior management, training and recruitment space and expect to have a turnover approaching £1 million by 2020. 

“We have robust plans in place for the future to expand our services into new areas, but we are also looking at ways to provide our customers with continuity of care when their needs progress beyond our level of current support. As such, we have plans to diversify into new care settings such as assisted living.

“With the rapid growth of the business and our strong reputation within the local community, the future certainly looks positive for SNE Care as we seek to expand and diversify the services we can offer to current and future customers.”

Mao set up the business with assistance from TEDCO Business Support and the Start and Grow programme.  The investment readiness programme assists new businesses with high growth potential receive support and one-to-one mentoring to develop their business and get ready to launch.  Offering help beyond the start-up phase, business advisor Mark Johnston was able to help Mao apply and successfully receive a £7500 Virgin StartUp loan from the non-profit provider of low-cost business loans.  TEDCO Business Support is the exclusive delivery partner of Virgin Start-Up loans in the North East.

Mark Johnston comments: 

“in just four short years, SNE Care Ltd has proven how a small business loan of £7500 can help an aspiring entrepreneur turn an idea into a thriving and successful enterprise capable of creating long-term job opportunities.  With hard work, dedication and an understanding of how to bring value to the care sector, Mao has established a company rooted in delivering a high-quality service to its customers.  I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this ambitious business and wish Mao and his team the best of luck.”